Chile Mango-rita

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Time to bust out the tequila and your favorite Mexican dishes to CELEBRATE!

Well, I’ve fashioned a new drink for the holiday and it’s probably gonna knock your socks off, well it did mine anyways 🙂 This drinks is spicy SPICY with a hint of sweet from the puree of my favorite fruit, Mango! So I present to you the Chile Mango-rita…..

Here’s what you need:

  • 3oz tequila
  • 2oz lime juice
  • 1/2 mango
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 2 tablespoons sugar

Step 1: Start by grinding the red pepper flakes. I used mortar and pestle but you could throw them in a coffee grinder too, the goal is to get them as fine as possible. You can skip this step and the next if you have chile-infused tequila or another spicy variety, but since I’m a last minute girl I’m instantly infusing the spicy-ness 🙂

Step 2: Mix in tequila with the finely ground red pepper flakes…it should start to turn a light orange color. Then slowly add in sugar.

Step 3: Muddle or blend mango into mango puree. If you prefer mango juice, use about 1/4 cup.

Step 4: Toss infused tequila mixture, lime, and mango puree in shaker. Shake it up and pour into salty or sugar rimmed glass!!

This recipe is definately a to your taste since there is an element of spicy-ness to factor! My first round was VERY spicy, so if you’re not sure start with 1/4 tsp per glass.

This drink is really delicious! The spice from the chile takes the kick out of the tequila, and the finishing taste is the sweet mango puree.

What do you think? Gonna live on the wild side and try my spicy mango-ritas??

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Shaggy Cinco Candle Lanterns

Cuatro de Mayo….getting close to the big day 🙂 Saw some lantern ideas around the blogosphere so I thought I should come up with a little Cinco Decor myself!

This is a quick and easy idea to give your fiesta a little flair. These Shaggy Cinco Candle Lanterns are beautifully festive, and all you need is tissue paper and mason jars! If you’re not celebrating Cinco, flag this idea for future summer fiestas!

Here’s what you need:

Paper (tissue paper is best, but you could use colored paper as well!)

Jars (Mason jars, glasses, or anything else you have that can hold a candle)

Double-stick tape

Step 1: Start by cutting your paper into 2-3″ strips. I cut mine the length of the tissue paper, the length isn’t as important because you can trim it to fit your jars as needed. Choose fun and bright colors to celebrate Cinco….or if you are hosting a party tie the lanterns into your party theme colors!

Step 2: Shag your tissue paper strips by cutting small slits along the length of the paper.

Step 3: Using double-stick tape, fastening each shaggy strip to the mason jar. Start with your first layer on the bottom and work your way up. I placed these about 1/2″ apart, but it will depend on the width of your shag.

When you are finished they should look something like this! I crunched the paper a bit to give it a more “pinata” feel, but you can keep the paper straight for a more sleek or “flapper-girl” like style 🙂

These were very quick and easy! These shaggy lanterns would be perfect decorations for your next gethering as a centerpiece or some mood lighting in the kitchen or even on the patio. Now get to it and do some DIY lanterns, shaggy-style!

Happy Cuatro de Mayo!

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Tres De Mayo: Mrs. Cummings’ Tequilatastic Drinks!!

Hola amigos!! I almost forgot about my favorite drinking holiday, Cinco de Mayo! Don’t worry…I said almost. Thought I would round up a few tequila favorites so you can hit the liquor store before your big fiesta!

DON’T forget to stop back tomorrow…making up a Chili Mango-rita as my Tequilatastic finale 🙂

CLICK the picture for recipe and directions!!

1. Muchacha Rosada: If you like grapefruit and you like tequila, give this little pink partie a try. A grapefruit skewered garnish and a sweet tequila drink is a great way to bring something unique to this year’s Cinco!

2. Italian Margarita: Try this Italian spin on the old tequila go-to drink. A sweet mix of citrus and amaretto gives all palates a chance to enjoy sippin on that wicked spirit. The lime and orange juice give this drink a nice punch and finish it with sugar on the rim!

3. Tequila Verde: A strange blend of cilantro, mint, and a jalepeno sugar AND salt rim! This drink has depth with all these flavors and is not for the faint of heart (that jalepeno on the rim means business). Another unique cocktail for your Cinco Fiesta!

4. Margarita Up! My personal favorite……a sweetie margarita that gives tequila a chance to party martini-style 🙂 The usual margarita ingredients with a hint of simple syrup served shaken with a sugar rim! Te Amo Marg Up!

Well here’s Mrs. Cummings’s Tequilatastic line up…..what will you be doing this Cinco?? And more importantly what will you be drinking 🙂

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To Cheat or Not to Cheat…..

Happy Friday!!! So exciting! So I have a little dilemma …….and I need my blog reading trustees (THAT’S YOU) to help me make the right choice 🙂

Friday = Date Night.  But me on a diet, a huge restricting, I’m gonna get super-skinny, I’m going to the CARRIBEAN in 6 weeks, diet. I have lost 5 lbs (woo hoo!!) but that’s nothin, and I could easily gain that back this weekend (or even tonight…). So the diet, to cheat or not to cheat??

Before you yell “CHEAT” or “Don’t do it!!!” let’s look at the fun to be had. Here’s a typical Friday night for me and the hubby:

I LOVE champagne. It’s bubbly and refreshing and it’s literally like a celebration in your mouth. I start my friday with a glass a couple glasses of champagne and cranking up some Chris Brown 🙂

Next up:

mmmmm sushi!! Most people think of sushi as raw fish on rice, trust me if that’s what you think you’re not doing it right. I like the rolls with fried shrimp and creamy spicy tuna, oh hell i think I may have made up my mind just thinking about it! we usually go to our fave spot every friday night, and michael was already talking about it this morning! ah!

so bad….I think 1 of these bad boys could easily set your back 800 calories (which is probably more than I should eat in a day on this “diet”).

Around the corner from sushi, is Cupcake Royale:

The kate! She’s cute, she’s pink, and she’s CHOCOLATE! This place has the most amazing cupcakes, and lucky for me it’s right next to the amazing sushi joint. Or not so lucky today. Oye, I want a cupcake but I want to be skinny….

Now back home for:

Haha you don’t expect this party girl to survive on 2 glasses of champagne on a friday night, do you?? I haven’t had a drink all week because of this damn diet, well actually I did yesterday because I got a job, BUT i miss my love affair with champagne.

Alright lets add it up 2 glasses of champagne (250 cal), sushi (1000ish cal), cupcake (1 million cal), more champagne…..

Ok too many calories on my Friday Night Date Night routine. What’s a girl to do!? To cheat, or not to cheat???

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Guest Blog Post: Signature Wedding Cocktails

Hello Readers!!

Good news, today my first guest blogger post was published!! Read my article Signature Wedding Cocktails at On the Go Bride. On the Go Bride is a bridal blog featuring all things wedding.

The post features 2 signature wedding cocktails from the Cummings Wedding: The Jerika-zie and The Michael-tini. Enjoy!

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Star Fruitcello

Oooooh time for a new cocktail! I’m excited to announce that I have added a new ingredient to my mixins….STARFRUIT!! This was provoked by one of my husband’s comments “You’re going to run out of fruits and there won’t be any cocktails left to make!” WRONG! I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of this fruit since I learned my shapes in kindergarten 🙂 Well, it’s back!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 starfruit
  • 3oz vodka
  • 1oz limoncello
  • 1oz sweetened lime juice (or 1/2oz lime juice and 1/2 oz simple syrup) Continue reading
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Canine Couchin It…

Ugh Monday Monday, today was so terrible I still can’t get over it even though I’m at home vegging on the couch! It’s probably because I started a diet from HELL to slim down for my graduation trip, I’m SO hungry!! Sigh…at least I have some cuddlers to keep me company.

Well here’s a lazy-man’s post from the couch, with camera and computer in hand, I captured my boys’ ridiculous cute-ness and charm. Might be enough to cure any case of the Mondays 🙂

Continue reading

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