Rosette Cocktail Fan

Hello gang! The sun was shining today….just what I ordered! It inspired me to make my (….and Starbucks’) famous Passion Tea Lemonade, after repairing the backyard from yet another doggie escape. I wanted to garnish this fabulous drink with something special, so here’s what I came up with: Rosette Cocktail Fan!

Here’s what you need:

  • Decorative paper 12″x12″
  • Barbeque Bamboo Skewers
  • Scoring Table
  • Hot glue gun
  • Letter stamps and ink

Okay, let’s get started:

Step 1: Find some fun paper prints and cut into 2″x12″ strips. You will need two strips of paper per rosette.

Step 2: Score each paper strip every 1/2″ and then fold “accordian style” as shown above. I have never used the scoring table before and it doesn’t take much effort to form a embossed scoring line, so easy on it 🙂

Step 3: Take each folded strip and curve into a semi-circle. Secure the halves together with staples and/or a glue gun. Complete rosette by administering a drop of hot glue in the middle of the fan….you will need to hold until it dries (<1 min) otherwise you will end up with an umbrella instead of a fan!

Step 4: Using a small circular tab (~2″ in diameter) personalize by stamping on an initial or image. Secure with hot glue. Fasten bamboo skewer with hot glue and TADA!

This turned out better than I thought, isn’t it adorable!? What a great idea to spice up your next cocktail party or even to use as a wedding favor to complement that signature cocktail.

Whatever use you find for this cute little project, I’m sure you will appreciate having this rosette cocktail fan along with your drink to cool you off on a hot summer day 🙂

Thanks for stopping!

About mrscummingsrx

Almost a pharmacist.... but over my years of schooling I have learned there's more than packing pills that makes me happy! Blogging about my prescriptions for a happy life....mainly crafting, cocktails, and my cute canines :) Thanks for visiting!!
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11 Responses to Rosette Cocktail Fan

  1. nicoleqmullen says:

    These are adorable and such a clever idea!

  2. Linh says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  3. very cool! I will have to come back and read again when I get a little more time to work on my site … I think it is NEED of a Makeover. Fun read. Cool Pics! 🙂

    • i was looking through all your pics… are doing AMAZING!!! you’re gonna have to change the name of your blog from “angryfatwoman” to SEXY skinny woman 🙂

  4. Gradissima says:

    This is really cute! (Though this looks hard to me!… I have no gift for pretty things like this!)

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  6. Very cute. I linked back on my blog. Thank you for sharing thus tutorial. 🙂

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  8. So cute! So gg to try for my reception decor! Loving all your prescriptions!

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