Lacey Decoupaged Wine Vase

Gotta love the weekend….time for crafting and blogging 🙂 I made this little project last week but I was waiting to post it until after a special someone’s birthday party! This is one of my favorite projects this year, I’m new to decoupage and now I’m ADDICTED.  Since there seems to be an excess of wine bottles and corks at my place (and the recycling is overflowing), I thought I’d put them to good use!

Here’s my first decoupage project: Lacey Decoupaged Wine Vase!

Here’s what you need:

  • Wine bottle
  • Modge Podge Finish Glue (or another decoupage finish)
  • Assorted lace and fabrics
  • Branches, corks, candles (optional…..for display)

Step 1: Cut fabric and lace into strips. I cut triangular strips from pieces of 4″x 6″ cloth. They do not have to be the same size and different shapes make it more interesting so just tear and cut until you have about 10 pieces.

Step 2: Now it’s time to decoupage! The modge podge finish glue is a popular product. This bottle was $10 at Joann Fabric’s but it will last a long time. I completed 3 vases and I barely used 1/8 of the bottle.

The finish glue is bright white when you paint it on but it will dry clear. It acts as a glue and sealant, so start by applying glue to the vase, then apply the fabric, and then coat with another layer of glue.

After applying a couple pieces of fabric, you will get a feel for the design of your vase. I did a lot of draping and folding the fabric to give the bottle more dimensions. This requires extra finishing glue to secure the design, but it gives your design a unique look. I recommend applying lace over the label so you can see through it and use more of the canvas or non-lacey fabrics for the bottom layer, topped with lace.

Step 3: Let it dry! Don’t panic if it is gobby, white for a few hours. I left mine out in the sun for about 4 hours, added a final finishing coat, and then let it dry over-night indoors before displaying it.

Finally, after a day’s hard work, here she is:

I think it turned out PERFECT!! I love that the draping of the different fabrics gives the bottle texture, and the finishing glue dried as a clear glossy finish! I put together this little centerpiece for my mantel:

For more information on how-t0 decoupage and for more project ideas, hit up the Modge Podge Rocks Blog!

This is the perfect gift for a friend or would make a great and affordable wedding centerpiece! Now all’s you need is some wine bottles….so drink up 😉


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