Where is that Mrs. Cummings!?

Well hello there readers! Those of you that are left that is πŸ™‚ As my views per day have plummeted from 200 to about 20, it was probably no surprise that when I logged in this morning I had troubles remembering my username and password….

But here I am:

I feel obligated to explain my multitude of excuses for abandoning my blog posts this month…but the truth is I haven’t been too consistent since the turn of the new year and this month of was just a busy part of my life, so something had to give. Here’s some of the highlights:

1. Hell-ish Rotation: As you know, I am finishing up pharmacy school. This year is monthly practicums at different pharmacy sites. Generally they are all pretty manageable with some take-home projects here and there. March, not so much. I spent the month giving presentations with feedback as follows: this slide is dead to me, this slide does nothing for me, i am embarrassed for you, you need to get your act together. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “constructive criticisms” but I can guarantee you that these were NOT. But after many tearful trips to the bathroom and countless revisions of all my presentations, I survived.

2. Plants vs. Zombies: My friend Carly stayed a couple weeks at our house this month. I showed her my new obsession, Plants vs. Zombies, and soon-after it was her obsession too.

As a “gamer wife” I have really never liked videogames enough to spend much time on them since I spend most of my time trying to get my husband away from them. This game changed that. It’s a pretty simple concept….zombies coming to “eat your brains” so you plant different plants to fire peas, cabbages, ect to kill them before they storm your house. I own this game on 4 consoles (ps3, xbox, ds, and pc) and have beat it 3 times. Much of last month (when I wasn’t having panic attacks over my rotation…) was spent drinking wine and playing this game with Carly.

3. Beading: I have re-captured my love for beading. I was into stamps for a while, and before that scrapbooking but the beading is ON. It all started with the seed-bead spiral weaving I learned from my friend, Linh. See my first tutorial HERE. Well I finished it!!!

Here is a terrible-quality photo from my camera….but you get the picture. Took me about 12 hours to finish this. I pick up each bead with a needle and weaved it into this beautiful lariat necklace. I am starting on my 3rd one this week! Definitely not a drink-and-craft kind of activity, but for me it’s almost like yoga….you come out of your body and focus on the beads (meh a stretch, i never really got yoga). It has been very relaxing for me to exert my creative juices on beading! Tutorial completion to come….

4. The Boys: Yep the dogs are still alive and kickin. I haven’t wrote many stories about them lately but there are certainly plenty to tell.

Can’t live (peacefully) with them but I certainly wouldn’t want to be without them. Trying to spend more time exercising them to avoid destructive disasters. Despite daily walks, no success…..thoughts?

5. Sister in Seattle: My little sister is back for another visit! She is on Spring Break and decided to stay with me for a whole WEEK. I have really come to appreciate our relationship over the past couple years and I think we are really becoming best friends rather than me trying to be her mother, which is VERY hard for a control-freak like me πŸ™‚

I make her cocktails, she cleans my closet. Sounds like a symbiotic relationship to me!!

I blog because I love to share my stories of crafts, cocktails, and canines, so if I drop of the face of the earth for a month you can guess what I’ve been up to πŸ™‚ Anyways, here’s what’s been keeping me busy!

Got some new crafts and cocktails coming your way soon so thanks for reading!!


About mrscummingsrx

Almost a pharmacist.... but over my years of schooling I have learned there's more than packing pills that makes me happy! Blogging about my prescriptions for a happy life....mainly crafting, cocktails, and my cute canines :) Thanks for visiting!!
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5 Responses to Where is that Mrs. Cummings!?

  1. Ms. Messy says:

    lol…..was wondering where you’d gone. Welcome back!! I’m on a bit of a hiatus too while I re-evaluate where to take my business. It was getting too chaotic for me as well. Maybe March is the official month of chaos? Glad to see you back online….I missed you πŸ™‚

  2. Linh says:

    You’re welcome! πŸ™‚ I am proud of you for sticking with it! The necklaces you girls made turned out beautifully!!!

  3. Jeromina says:

    Glad to have you back, Busy Girl! Congrats on finishing your rotations, that crazy bead project, and plants vs. zombies (he he).

  4. patchtop says:

    who would have know plant vs zombies…that great hubby is wearing off on you!!
    Glad your load has lightened up!!!

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