Etsy Spring Accessory Finds

While I was looking through my favorite sites flagged on my computer, I found it, Etsy. I have been avoiding it since it usually gets me into trouble….but I clicked the link and here we are 🙂

Here’s some “Spring Accessory Finds”…….some are bargains and some splurges, either way it’s fun to look!

Postcard from Paris Vintage-Inspired Charm Necklace $25 by DesignsByJocelyn

Adorable! Definitely perfect for spring! I love the copper/green postcard. She has a lot of cute necklaces, all in the vintage-chic theme. Simple style with chains, beads, and charms but classic and unique!

Ballerina Whinsical Peasant Romantic Chiffon Dress $38 by RiverofRomask

I saw this shirt and just about died! I have a dress like this from H & M but it was like twice the price! She makes them in multiple sizes and has a ton of ruffled designs perfect for spring. LOVE!

Burlap Bag with Ruffles $40 by theruffledaisy

Ruffle ruffle ruffle! This is a great idea if you are a sewing lady or a reasonable price for an adorable spring bag if you are a non-sewing lady 🙂

Mixed Media Anthropology-Style Necklace $19 by LadyFranCreations

She named it right with the “Anthropology-Style” and for $19 I think it’s worth it! This would be perfect with a white tank and khaki shorts when the sun finally arrives here in Seattle 🙂

Spring Fever Wristlet $24 by Zibagz

This girl has talent. All of her bags and clutches are similar styles with vintage lace and floral decors and for $24 you can’t really go wrong! This one is my favorite……cream and salmon scream summer to me. So cute!

Bohemian Pocket Watch Necklace $12 by Beadix

This lady is a busy beader 🙂 She has almost 300 items listed on Etsy, most less than $20! This necklace is adorable and I don’t think you could beat the price, even if you were shopping at Target!

Ahhh etsy… many crafty ladies with so many fun accessories! Hope this was a delicious escape from whatever you’re up to 🙂 Thanks for stopping!


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Almost a pharmacist.... but over my years of schooling I have learned there's more than packing pills that makes me happy! Blogging about my prescriptions for a happy life....mainly crafting, cocktails, and my cute canines :) Thanks for visiting!!
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