Valentine’s Day Garland

It’s February….the month of LOVE! Time to celebrate! I know a lot of Love-Day haters, but I just love it! Maybe I’m just a sappy romantic 🙂 Here’s a cute project to decorate your living room in Valentine’s Day style. This is a tutorial for “Valentine’s Day Garland”. I got the idea from my mom, who make me a Winter Garland.

Here’s what you need:

10 ft twine/yarn

1-2 yards of fabric (choose 3-4 different matching pinks/reds)

Matching embroidery floss (1-2 spools)

Fabric cutting scissors/Quilting blade


1. Start by making slits with a scissors or quilting blade at 1″ apart. Just guesstimate, it doesn’t have to be perfect! That’s what I love about this project 🙂

2. After all the fabric is ripped into strips, cut into 6″ pieces (final product bring 1″x6″). They can be longer than 6″, but no shorter in order to tie them.

3. You will need about 10-30 strips per foot of twine. I choose 10 ft to have the garland fit my mantel, but you can do shorter or longer. I ended up using 1/2 yard of each of 3 colors including the hearts. Cut out 3 hearts out of remaining fabric. I free-handed these but you can easily use a pattern or print out from online!

4. Now after you’ve prepped your fabric, the rest of this can be done in front of the TV 🙂 My motivation for this project was my new craft chair… I picked a project that I could sit back in my chair and work on 🙂 I started in the middle and tied each fabric strip on. 1 tie is all you need. I put mine right next to each other but depending on how much fabric you have, you can leave space in between.

5. For the hearts, I used left over fabric and short strips to fill the hearts and finished the edges with a blanket stitch. Finish each heart stuffie with a couple buttons or a bow!

6. Attach each heart by sewing it on to the twine. You can space them out by 1-2 ft or just sew all three together for a centerpiece. Either way they make a great touch 🙂

Here’s the final product! Perfect way to garnish your fireplace for the month of February.

This was such an easy project, you could easily make a few of these in one night and ship them off to friends and family as a calorie-free Valentine’s Day treat 🙂


About mrscummingsrx

Almost a pharmacist.... but over my years of schooling I have learned there's more than packing pills that makes me happy! Blogging about my prescriptions for a happy life....mainly crafting, cocktails, and my cute canines :) Thanks for visiting!!
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4 Responses to Valentine’s Day Garland

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So cute! And funny enough I also made a garland for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 I used some scrap paper and coloured raffia for extra scrumptiousness! I wish I thought of using fabric though- it’s too cute!

  2. Love this….very fresh and different :o)

  3. Christine says:

    I love this idea! Simple and super cute. (:

  4. mummsie says:

    This is so cute. Kinda shabby chic. How about one for every holiday?? Luv day is my favorite holiday. Also my Anniversary day.

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