Stupid Cupid Stampin Party

Happy weekend! You are finding some time to enjoy it! I had my fun last night, so I’m stuck doing laundry and cleaning today but at least I got a taste of freedom πŸ™‚

I love paper crafts, especially stamping! So I decided to throw a Stampin Up party before Valentine’s Day to get some ideas for cards and buy some new fun stamps to use for V-Day Cards!

To get everyone excited for the party, we tempted them with cocktails and a dessert bar!

Passion Punch!

Here’s the cocktail of the night, Passion Punch. Made with hibiscus-lime-ginger syrup, topped off with champagne. Stamping with cocktails can be dangerous, luckily we only had 1 major spill….the casuality being my catalog πŸ™‚

Here’s the dessert bar by Miss Jessi. White chocolate fudge, Double-chocolate cupcakes, Butter-jam cookies, and various artful sugar cookies. My favorite was the fancy lady cupcakes with necklaces and a heart-laced bra!

Here’s the set-up. Lots of card to look at for ideas! Wish I would have taken more pictures….

Here’s our first project! An owl singing a love song under the moon. LOVE that little owl….luckily I earned that set for FREE! This month and next is Stampin Up’s Sale-a-bration, meaning you spend $50 and earn a stamp set for free.

Here’s the second card. Love this one too! So nice to have a workshop where everything is cut out and ready to go, all’s you need to do is stamp and tape it on. Thanks Deirdra!

Here’s the girls in the midst of stamping and gossip! So many stamps, so little time. From the left: Tarrah, Shoshana, Linh, and Rachel.

Busty and Rachel

Even Buster found a way to have fun at the girl’s night πŸ™‚ It was an eventful night….lots of new stamps on the way and empty wallets. Thanks for coming girls! Happy February!


About mrscummingsrx

Almost a pharmacist.... but over my years of schooling I have learned there's more than packing pills that makes me happy! Blogging about my prescriptions for a happy life....mainly crafting, cocktails, and my cute canines :) Thanks for visiting!!
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4 Responses to Stupid Cupid Stampin Party

  1. Linh says:

    What a fun night! Can’t wait for my stamps to arrive!

  2. Jeromina says:

    Great work, looks like you had a blast! Wish I lived closer!

  3. Deidra vanderHorst says:

    I had a super fun time! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves -Enjoy your new stamps!

  4. Rachel says:

    I love the busty pic…and, my new stamps!

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