Holiday Feather Fascinator

Hello there! One Christmas down, one more to go! My gifts are wrapped and on the mantel. Didn’t quite get the Christmas tree up but they’ll be one at home 🙂

Here’s a last minute giftie for any ladies you will be spending the holidays with! I’m making these for my sister-in-laws for a holiday cocktail party. Just a fun little hairpiece or pin to make them feel special :)Listed some on Fascinators from Etsy last week but didn’t have time to order so I’m back to making my own.

So easy and very affordable, so give it a try!

Here’s what you need:

Feather tassels/bunches ($7.99 for string of 5)

Pin Backing/Hair Clip Backing ($1.29 for pack of 6)

Strand of Large Pearls, Small Pearls, and Red Crystals ($3.00 each)

Total Cost: $19.57 for 5 fascinators (less than $4 each!)

I will be making 3 because the boys ate a few feather tassels this weekend while I was away. Rascals!

All this stuff was on sale so it cost me much less than that! Lots of deals at Joann Fabrics this week….30-40% off all jewelry making supplies!

Step 1: Glue one large pearl onto the feather bunch with a hot glue gun. I would leave about an inch from the base free so that the hairpiece is more balanced and sturdy.

Step 2: Make a loop of beads (about 5-6) and then string 1 bead on top to secure loop. I am using 6″ of beading wire. You can buy a strand of 30ft for $4! I always have some around for jewelry projects. They even sell different colors!

Step 3: String another set of beads on and secure with 2 clamp beads on the end. The result should be a bead-like figure-8.

Step 4: Glue bead bunch onto feather piece above pearl. I held down the feathers first and glued them together a bit before applying the glue to the bead piece.

Step 5: Apply glue to pin backing and hair clip backing and attach to the back of your fascinator. I used both because then it can be used as a pin or hair piece!

That’s it! This probably took me about 20 minutes so definitely worth it for such a beautiful little gift 🙂

As you can see, this would be so fun to wear with and up-do or even just pinned to a holiday sweater. Love stuff like this!

Excuse the messy do…. now I am off to give myself the gift of root-free hair 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to Holiday Feather Fascinator

  1. NurseE says:

    I want one!

  2. Really useful tutorial and a great fascinator. I liked it

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