DIY Christmas: Cranberry-Lemon Infused Vodka

Moving a little slow today…..after getting organized I decided to play “Chef Cummings” for a bit and made Mike and Sara some salmon and spinach omelettes. But I finally got 1 project done and am on to #2 🙂

This is an amazing idea I got from one of my new favorite blogs, Dazed and Infused. Took his recipe for Cranberry Vodka and tweaked it a bit by adding lemon zest. Should be delish…hope I don’t drink all my Christmas presents 🙂

The Line Up

Cranberry-Lemon Infused Vodka

500ml vodka (thats 2/3 of a “fifth”)

1/2 cup of cranberries

1 tablespoon lemon zest

1/8-1/4 cup of sugar

I bought these decorative bottle at Fred Meyer on sale for $2 each! They are 500ml but you could easily tweak the recipe and just give it away in the full bottle or any size that you find.

First step, sanitize the bottles. I read a couple different things about this and though it was a huge pain, better safe than sorry! My trusty craft-panion, Sara, dipped them in boiling water.

Next up, the zesting. I zested a dozen lemons to be sure to have enough zest. I tried to do long rings but the problem is when you go too deep into the lemon you get the “pith” which will result in a bitter lemon taste rather than a refreshing zing. This smaller zester did a nice job of just taking the surface off the lemon. I went through and picked out some pieces with pith.

Now for the infusing process! I added the sugar first and then added about 1/4 bottle of vodka to mix them together into a psuedo-syrup. It won’t dissolve completely until later.

Then go ahead and add the lemon zest. It will sit on the bottom. After the lemon zest has been shakin with the sugar-vodka mixture, add in the cranberries. The cranberries should have been frozen or microwaved to be sure that the juices can be released. I put these in the microwave for about 2 minutes to make sure they were “wrinkley”.

Top off with vodka leaving about an inch at the top. Then they are to sit in a dark place for 7 days. Try to shake them up every couple days. Then they can be stored in the fridge. I think they would be okay to stay in the cupboard also. You can either strain out the goods or give them away with the fruits inside. I think they add to the presentation!

Ah so pretty! I did some lemon and rosemary and plain lemon ones also. This was SO easy and what a great gift! Definitely something unique. Give the gift off “holiday spirit” this Christmas 🙂

I’ll update you on the taste and packaging in a few days. Onto the next project…..

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