The 12lbs of Christmas: Weight Loss Yoga

I’m on my way people! 5 days ago since I decided to get moving and work off some of my honey-moon phase weight. I have done 5 workouts already….that’s everyday! That’s a new record for me, usually after 2 days I need a day off. Anyways, yesterday I started to get that anti-gym itch so I decided to do some weight loss yoga and go on a long walk with the dogs.

No, not an insane calorie burning workout like the 500 Calorie Burning Treadmill Run, but it was beneficial all the same. Plus my whole body was still in pain from the last couple days so it was probably a good time for some yoga πŸ™‚

I used to be a yoga hater and if you are too, I understand. I thought “How is stretching and laying on the floor gonna help me tone up and lose weight!?”. Then against my better judgment I took a “hot yoga” class. HOLY S&$%! It was serious full body sweating, can’t breathe, break you to your knees kind of work out.

Winnie's Downward Dog Pose

So when my sister-in-law recommended a Weight Loss Yoga DVD by Biggest Loser I decided to give it a try. I’m definately a program kinda girl, so having the moves all laid out for me was really beneficial….not to mention this DVD kicks my ass everytime. Perfect for you stay-at-home mammas, in fact my “kids” even tried to join in πŸ™‚

Busty reaching for that stretch

Anyways, here’s 5 yoga moves to tighten up your muscles right in your living room! All’s you need is a mat and a little motivation πŸ™‚ These are from For further instructions on how to do each move click HERE. Try 3-5 sets of each move and you might have a different view on the effects of yoga….

Move #1 Crescent (Firms abs, hips, and thighs)

Move #2 Willow (Firms sides of abs)

Move #3 Rocking Boat (Firms abs and back)

Move #4 Hover (Firms shoulders, abs, arms, and back)

Move #5 Chair (Firms butt and thighs)

Well, hope this has inspired you to take a few minutes for fitness today! Trust me after the New Year these pages will be getting hit up like nobody’s business…..but do yourself a favor and start now! Plus I need some workout buddies πŸ™‚



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One Response to The 12lbs of Christmas: Weight Loss Yoga

  1. I just started the p90x program yesterday. I’ve attempted a few times and have never gotten past week 3. I really want to stick with it this time so that come bikini season, I’m not freaking out trying to run 5 miles every day. The thing that gets me is the yoga! I just don’t feel the burn, and it’s also 90 minutes when all the other DVDs are under 60. 90 minutes of slow movements doesn’t really fit into my schedule well. How can I get past this hatred of yoga in order to finish the 90 day program? Maybe I should try cranking up the heat?

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