Fall Floral Wreath

The leaves, the colors, it’s fall! After Halloween I’ve been in search of some fall decor for my home, but the stores are plastered with Christmas already!! Well I decided to make my own fall decor, so here it is: my Fall Floral Wreath. Looks pretty and complex but so easy and CHEAP to make! I got 4 bushels of floral accents and the wreath base all for $11 at Joann Fabrics! Everything was 50-70% off because it was “out-of-season,” well hardly, but lucky me!

Here’s what you need:

Branch Wreath Base (usually about $4-6)

Variety of seasonal flowers, berries, leaves, and/or cones (can run from $2-6 per stem (about 3-6 flowers) but look for sales!)

Wire Cutter/Wire Plyers

Floral Wire or wire clamps

Hot glue and gun


1. Start by clipping your flowers, berries, leaves from the stem with a wire cutter. I chose yellow and maroon flowers, a mixture of berry clusters, and cattail looking branches. The wreath I bought was an oval shape, but you could easily do round or even just a swag.

2. Start spacing things out by placing different berries and flowers around the wreath. I usually start at the bottom or top to make a centerpiece and then work my way around. Don’t let it get too busy!

3. Start putting things in place by placing hotglue on the flower or branch and attaching to the wreath base. Some flowers have wire stems that you can bend into the base for security, others are fine with just glue use your judgment.

As you can see in this picture, I am using a floral wire clamp to attach a loop of grass. These are really pretty at the base and double as a “bow”. Hot glue the leave ends together and tuck into wreath, then secure with wire clamp by tacking grass in place and bend with wire plyers.

4. Work your way around the wreath attaching all flowers and nature decor to the wreath as desired.

5. Display your final product proudly!

This wreath turned out really nice! The project probably took about 30 minutes or so….I spent more time picking out the flowers! I decided later today that it looks better in the house where I can admire it. This is a really nice touch to your home to make it feel seasonal without skipping on to Christmas like the retailers have done 🙂 It’s still fall people, let’s celebrate it! Good luck!


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3 Responses to Fall Floral Wreath

  1. wrecmom says:

    Very nice! Wouldn’t mind giving this a try, some time.

  2. Judging by your name you might have some distractions but, so fun and easy 🙂 Cheap gift option too!

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