Wedding Thank-Yous

Well my Halloween fun is over…preparing for the rest of this year’s holidays. I was about to start on my Christmas Card ideas when, WAIT I forgot about my wedding thank-you cards!!! Now I don’t know what the “books” say about sending them out in a timely fashion but I’m pretty sure 4 months later might be overdue 🙂 Anyways, tonight it is my mission, to start and finish these so that I can move on to bigger and better projects.

The spread of completed cards!

I decided to go with a simple idea. I agonized over the fact that they wouldn’t “match” my wedding colors but then I realized that after 4 months I barely remember my wedding colors so I think I’m in the safe zone. This card is stamped with a black thank-you collage stamp and a “thank you tag” mounted on top with a tie of ribbon!

The reason I waited so long was that I wanted to include some pictures in the thank you…..after I went to print some off today I realized that was easier said then done. There are 733 pictures from my wedding and I wanted ALL OF THEM in the thank you cards…not gonna happen. I decided to do a collage scrap-book style to put in the thank-yous so that everyone could see the final products. I’m not great with graphic design so I’m going to color-copy the ones I made from scratch!

My "Thank You" Station

Now the “fun” part….writing the actual thank you’s. Ugh I’m 20 cards in and searching for creative ways to say thanks. No time for cocktail posts tonight…..gonna work my way through this bottle of wine and stack of thank-you cards so I can do something fun tomorrow 🙂 Wish me luck!

Busty "helping"


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