Hangover Hounds

This weekend was a shiza show. My friend, Liza had her birthday and engagement celebration…somehow I thought this meant I had to party TWICE as hard. One of those nights where tequila wasn’t my friend…haha anyways I took my husband down with me, and we spent the entire day Sunday recovering.

I at least made it out of the house to the Joann’s Sale (see next post) but most of the day we layed around on the couch, the bed, the floor, pretty much wherever we felt comfortable. Luckily we had some furry friends to keep us company…

Busty and Winny to the rescue!

In my living room there are 2 couches, also there are two people in my household and two dogs. Now usually we’re all on one couch together but on days like these, we split up into teams. Usually it’s Mike and Buster on the big couch while me and Winny take the love seat…..that’s when the relaxing begins!

There’s something about having a little furry truffle at your feet that just makes everything better. It’s like The Green Mile where they suck all the bad stuff out of you and allow you to really relax. This is toxic when you are trying to do something productive like study or read, but when you need to really just relax they are perfect and as always, they did just the trick.

A small bribe for Busty-Cake

Now these boys are sometimes hard to keep a handle on, you know how it is…bone to hide and remotes to chew…especially when they’ve been locked in the house all day with their worthless owners 🙂 I find that a small token of my appreciation (say a Beggin Strip) can really go a long way in persuading these little guys to stay.

So next time you’re hurting after a night on the town, give me a call and you can come pick up a pooch and a bag of Beggin Strips and you’ll be back on your feet ready to party, or just get out of bed, in no time 🙂


About mrscummingsrx

Almost a pharmacist.... but over my years of schooling I have learned there's more than packing pills that makes me happy! Blogging about my prescriptions for a happy life....mainly crafting, cocktails, and my cute canines :) Thanks for visiting!!
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One Response to Hangover Hounds

  1. Eliza says:

    Why didn’t my hounds cure me? The worst thing is.. I could still have tequila again, tonight! Even if I paid for it…for 3 days.. 3 days ago.

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