Dog Park Adventures

Living in the city, I have learned the ways of raising a dog (now dogs) in an urban environment. There were things I had never thought of before from my country upbringing. Walking your dog every day for exercise rather then letting them run free in a yard, picking up poop off the sidewalk or grass (ugh how degrading), and talking your dog to the “Dog Park” to run free and play with other pups.


Buster and Winny Boy at the Dog Park


My local doggie hot spot is a wooded circuit with logs and different trails for dogs to explore. Oh how I wish there was grass or some cleaner medium for the dogs to run through… Owners stand around and watch the chaos ensue as dogs run wild chasing each other, rolling in the dirt and woodchips (which will later be on my car seats when we leave this magical place), and allowing visitors to jump up and decorate your pants and jacket with mudded paw prints.


Dogs gone wild!


I’ve learned not to wear my best to the dog park but this week Winston’s new trick had me covered head to toe in mud. When I bent over to pick up my phone, Winston jumped onto my back using me as a platform to howl at his new “friends.” The pounce surprised me and I tumbled forward into the mud.


The Trouble-maker


After Buster observed Winston’s new move, he also decided to give it a try doing a ninja style jump off me as I bent over to pick up a pile of poop. Nice….luckily I think I made it out covered in mostly soil composed muck rather than the alternative.


Doggie Lock-Up


There’s something for everyone at the dog park, unfortunately this day ended in a back-seat ride home for the wild boys and a muddy load of laundry followed by oxy-cleaning my car seats. Needless to say the dog park is always an adventure, and Winny and Buster always have a blast!


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