Candycorny Tree

Here’s a cheap and easy way to bring some spooktacular Halloween spirit to your home, my Candycorny Tree!




I got this idea from my Mom via text message, she said “I’m making a candycorn tree!” I said well that seems strange like such a great idea!! It turned out really cute and it’s a good way to avoid spending a fortune on all the holiday decorations that are still expensive at “50% off.”


The supplies!


All you need is branches and candycorn! These are leftover branches from my wedding centerpieces but you can use any branches from the craft store or even the yard. A bag of candy corn will set you back $1-2 and the gluegun (in case you don’t already have one) was only $3.








1. First trim the branches and arrange them into a vase or jar. Secure the branches with a rubberband or hairtie. Then wrap with floral tape (black or orange if you have it to match). You could also use ribbon and secure with some hot glue. The rubberband and and tape are optional. If you have a tall enough vase the branches should be secure without them.


A candy corn bud....a sign of Halloween season!


2. Now the fun part! Take your glue gun and apply an ample amount of glue to the corn. Place towards and the of a branch and seal with another candycorn. I did mine staggered to make it look more wacky but you could match them up also!


My candycorn craf-tree!


3. Repeat covering the tree with candycorn buds to your liking. I added some witch hat ornaments for a something a little extra. I finished my night with this cute decoration for my house and a stomach ache after eating the remaining candies….I HATE CANDYCORN…..but it looks so colorful and I couldn’t help myself 🙂


The boys helped....well sort of 🙂



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